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A free roam pokemon RP in 2 Regions, full of challenges, dangers, and fun. Your story is yours to write!
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 Elestia's Story

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PostSubject: Elestia's Story   Elestia's Story Icon_minitimeWed Sep 19, 2012 11:43 pm

The region of Elestia was once known for it's unique aura from both people and pokemon. It was said to be the closes region to the Heavens, the many shooting stars, meteors, and asteroids that pelted the region drawing the names to many of the places there. It was also known as the beginning of the pokedex. This region held not only talented pokemon, but trainers as well. These trainers delved into the true recesses of the human mind, able to utilize the full potential of nature itself to perform feats thought only capable by pokemon. These trainers became known as the very first pokedex holders.

Those who are given a pokedex are those who have potential to un-tap the part of their brain that separate's them from pokemon. By cataloging the pokemon they capture and meet they can attempt to perform their abilities, or form their own based off of others.

However, as time went on, the legacy of the pokedex wielders began to thin. More new bred trainers were attaining the pokedex while the offspring of previous wielders were not being chosen. Feelings shunned by the new breed of trainers, the offspring of the ex-wielders formed a group known as the Dark Descendants. They feel that getting the pokedex was supposed to be hereditary and that they should have had the pokedex passed down to them from their ancestors. Already this group has found different and darker ways to unlock their own power and have slaughtered countless trainers in their pursuit to rid the world of the pokedex for good. With this threat still rising, just who will stand up and save the Elestia region...
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Elestia's Story
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