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 Rough and Tumble!

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PostSubject: Re: Rough and Tumble!   Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:01 am

"That sounds dirty Kaito-kun."

The voice of the young girl Kaito had just been speaking about echoed from somewhere above him. Sitting on a ledge that lead to the exit of the mountain and into Luna Mountain Town, Minami waved at Kai while swinging her legs cheerfully.

"I finished my errands a bit ago but you were taking forever to contact me. Your sis told me you would still be here training so I decided to come watch."

She pushed off the ledge and fell the full 80 feet to the ground. However, she landed on her feet as if the drop were a mere 10 foot fall.

"That was amazing Kaito-kun! That Steelix was really powerful. He saved me from a cave in the first time I came through the mountains."
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Kaito Inaki

Kaito Inaki

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PostSubject: Re: Rough and Tumble!   Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:18 am

Kai: "Wh-What? W-Who's there!?"

*Kaito asked, his pink face turning into a flushed red. That was when he saw Fus pointing upwards and saw that it was Minami in the flesh. She was sitting on a ledge, kicking her feet, and seemingly observing him. She jumped down from the high-ledge and landed it as if it were nothing. Kai wondered where she received her training from and merely scratched in his head in silent amazement. But besides that, it was Minami! Seeing her made Kai smile wide.*

Kai: "There's nothing dirty about me wanting to show you my Steelix. It's a large and powerful pokemon, who wouldn't want to see it!"

*Fus and Shaker just laughed as their trainer added on to the conversation. They'd tell him about all of that eventually, but until then, it was just a conversation between he and Minami.

She was watching him the entire time. Seems as though he spent a lot more time than he realized inside the caves. He felt a little bad, but was glad she actually came to seek him out.*

Kai: "Oh geez, I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean to take so long in here. We just felt the rush of training, that I thought we were making good progress in little time."

*He explained. A smile touched his lips and he looked at Minami, suddenly remembering how mature she was for someone her age. She was still young, yet so mature. A feature like that made her very alluring for some reason. Kai found himself looking away a bit and coughing, to keep from getting too distracted in her.

He did it just in time too, because she was explaining how the Steelix he had caught managed to save her from a cave-in a while back.*

Kai: "That talking Steelix is a real great Pokemon. He's extremely helpful, so I'm glad that generator is destroyed. Shaker and I had a run-in with him a while back, we just barely managed to escape with our lives. We did know that he was a nice guy, seeing as he wasn't trying to harm us to begin with. Who knew?"

*He chuckled a little and put his hands behind his head, gently swaying back and forth.*
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PostSubject: Re: Rough and Tumble!   Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:35 am

Minami giggled at Kaito unwittingly making the joke dirtier. She listened to him talk about running into the Steelix earlier and she knew it to be true. After her own run in with Steelix, she had heard dozens of people seeing the talking pokemon. It was somewhat of a guardian in the Mountains, alongside two other powerful pokemon. It made her wonder if the Groudon they saw was one of the guardians of the mountain.

"Well, if you're done here Kaito-kun, I have a present for you. I went to meet up with a mentor of mine. She had some presents for me and also taught me a new trick. I can teleport to the nearest town that we've been to now!"

To prove her point she vanished from in front of Kaito and appeared back on the ledge above. Then she teleported again and appeared back in front of him. However, she stumbled a bit and almost fell on top of Kaito. She regained her balance at the last moment, so they wouldn't fall, however she would blush at the sudden close proximity. Moving away quick she waved her hands in front of her.

"A-ah, m-my bad! I'm still not completely used to it yet though!"

There would be a small silence that followed as she chuckled sheepishly. Once she had calmed down, she would go in her fanny pouch.

"Also, my mentor gave me this and told me to give you one too."

Minami pulled out a metallic like bracelet, though one could see it was made of stone. There was a gem set in the middle of it that seemed to be made of an extremely rare material.

"This is a mega ring Kaito-kun! It's used for a new type of evolution in pokemon called Mega Evolution!"

Minami went on to explain everything she knew about Mega Evolution. (For the sake of the story, think that she's told you everything you already know about Mega Evolution, including some of the pokemon that evolve.)

"Since you have a Lucario, if you find a Lucarionite, you might be able to make him evolve again!"
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Kaito Inaki

Kaito Inaki

Posts : 216
Join date : 2012-11-19

PostSubject: Re: Rough and Tumble!   Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:54 am

*Kaito chuckled when Minami giggled, not understanding the context of his own sentence. He was mostly glad and was even more amazed when Minami explained that she had a mentor who taught her how to teleport! He really wanted to know who she was receiving all of this training from. The young boy watched as she teleported back to the ledge, then teleported back in front of him.

Kaito: "That's too cool! I didn't know people could-"

*Kai couldn't finish his sentence as Minami stumbled, but Kai put his arms out to catch her just in case she fell over completely. Minami caught herself just in time and blushed. Her blushing made Kai blush himself and he sheepishly scratched his head*

Kai: "Haha, that's okay. No problem at all."

*Kaito was about to speak up some more, but did notice how Minami took out the Mega Bracelet, as it were dubbed. He graciously accepted the gift and placed the odd accessory onto his wrist. Minami went on to explain that the bracelet, if the right stone was available, will allow a pokemon to go way beyond their final evolution. That meant that Shaker had this ability when he becomes a Tyranitar and that Fus as a Lucario has one as well! All three of their eyes widened and they imagined just how powerful they could all become.*

Kai: "Wow! I'd have to thank your mentor if I ever meet her! This is great. Looks like I have another small quest to find that Lucarionite, haha!"

*The young boy's eyes gleamed with a determination to make his team grow beyond their limits. Kaito smiled widely to Minami and seemed to be shuddering with anticipation.*

Kai: "That ledge up there leads to the exit, no? Are you going to practice teleporting us up there? Haha."
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PostSubject: Re: Rough and Tumble!   Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:16 am

"The ledge? I'll do you one better!"

Minami took Kaito's hands within her own and then closed her eyes. Almost immediately did light form on the ground around them in a circle. The area outside of the circle grew dark before in a bright flash, Minami and the others vanished from the area completely, their next stop being the pokecenter in Luna Mountain Town.

Route Complete!
Boss Defeated: 1/3
Exp Drop: 700 (per pokemon)

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PostSubject: Re: Rough and Tumble!   

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Rough and Tumble!
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