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 The Story Begins... Enter Shiro Kazuma!

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Shiro Kazuma

Shiro Kazuma

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PostSubject: The Story Begins... Enter Shiro Kazuma!   Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:54 pm

Name:Shiro Kazuma
Age: 17
Class: Trainer
Badges Earned: 0
Trainer Level: E


And so it begins, the epic story of an epic person in the most epic of ways! At least, that's how Shiro always pictured things in his head as he daydreamed about hitting the road and going off to be well, awesome! His family basically raised him in the world of the breeders. Pokemon were always wandering about the house as Shiro's mother, Yuri ran her own daycare out of the massive thing they called a house in New Moon Village. So basically, he was quite knowledgable about how to take care of pokemon in the most simple way of course. But little did he know that his days of daydreaming of leaving out to see the world was about to come true, but in the most drastic change he could experience. But here is where it all begins, and this is where it all starts... The story of young Shiro, begins here....
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The Story Begins... Enter Shiro Kazuma!
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