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 Ecclasia Story

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Wheel of Fate
Wheel of Fate

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PostSubject: Ecclasia Story   Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:26 am

Ecclasia, known as the older brother or younger sister of Elestia to historians and citizens alike, was once an unified region in every cycle. The meaning of the name conserves much poised, gracious, and reserved nature to many bewildered Pokemon. Likewise, the human inhabitants, especially Pokemon Trainers, are fluently capable and spontaneous to excel among any challenging feat. Historians, researches, and anthropologists all agree to the fact that Ecclasia creates an interest in the deeper aspects of life along with unknown discoveries among the greater picture of Life towards both Pokemon and human beings alike.

Despite the pleasing factor of a new world to those who venture into the Ecclasia Region, there is much mystery, warfare, and discretion remains in solitude among the people. Yet, the true key that splits many apart is based around a heavy conflict: Religion.

Our story begins with the very start of the Mewnicipal and Arceusism religions. Long ago, people believed in many different things. Among those things were of two distinct pokemon., Mew and Arceus. Mew was regarded as the mother of all pokemon. Able to learn any move known by pokemon, and always keeping in touch. Mew was there from the beginning when pokemon first started showing up. It judged the hearts of all people and pokemon and was extremely illusive when it came to being seen and caught by people. Soon enough, Mew started becoming more than a pokemon. The people of Eccalsia on the East Side began to worship Mew as a god. Thinking of it as the mother, as well as the protector of all Pokemon. They started the Mewnicipal Religion of Eccalsia, where have shrines, cities, and villages dedicated to the Pokemon. There is a second side however, a side that has split the region in two.

There was another. One who was said to have created literally everything about the world. One who was said to have created Elestia, Eccalsia, the world in its entirety, space, and beyond. This great one's name was known as, Arceus. Arceus was a pokemon of unimaginable strength and power. Said to have had 1,000 arms, it had created everything we have come to know. The people on the West Side of Eccalsia worshiped it and claimed it as the true overseer and true “Mother”, to all pokemon. This sundered the region in half, where the inhabitants began to fight with one another to settle their own ideals about who was the true leader of all pokemon. This fight soon turned into a bloodshedding war which in turn, caused the two “Gods” to appear themselves. It is unknown why the two appeared, but it soon turned into an all out battle against the two in the region. For hundreds of years, the two waged war and destroyed the land as they fought. Finally, the war between both the worshipers and the Gods themselves stopped.

Even though the pokemon stopped fighting one another, the people did not. To this day, the strong believers of the two different religions, still believe that their religion is right, while trying to prove that the others is wrong. In this region, this is where sides are chosen, this is where ideals meet the extreme, this is where religion becomes the fuel for war.
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Ecclasia Story
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