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 (NPC) Minami Oviedo

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PostSubject: (NPC) Minami Oviedo   Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:39 pm

Name: Minami Isabella Montague Santana Alvarez Oviedo (NPC)
Age: 11
Class: Medic
Badges Earned: 3
Trainer Level: C

Minami Isabella was born in Astral City and raised by her extremely wealthy mother. She's been on her journey for several months but has only recently decided to get serious about it since she has received a pokedex.

Money: 3800 PK

Pokeballs x6
Greatballs x5

Antidote x0
Paralyze Heal x0
Burn Heal x0
Potion x4
Super Potion x3
Full Heal x3

General Items
Repel x1
Escape Rope x1

Key Items
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Posts : 61
Join date : 2012-11-22

PostSubject: Re: (NPC) Minami Oviedo   Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:07 pm

Nickname: Raze
Species: Infernape
Gender: Male
Lv: 37 40000/43000
Type(s): Fire/Fighting
Ability(s): Blaze
Nature: Rash

HP: 114
ATK: 93
DEF: 69
SATK: 102
SDEF: 62
SPD: 96

Dex: -


Leer: Glares at the foe to frighten them into dropping their guard lowering their defenses.

Scratch: Rakes the foe with claws to deal minimal damage.

Ember: Unleashes a light spray of fiery embers at the foe to deal damage. Can potentially burn the foe.

Taunt: Using dark energy in the form of a taunt, you anger the foe and force them into only using damaging attack moves.

Mach Punch: An extremely fast punch delivered at full speed. Able to hit before the opponent can make a move.

Fury Swipes: Repeatedly rakes the foe with claws over and over again to deal continual damage.

Flame Wheel: The user engulfs themselves in a burning wheel of fire before launching themselves at the foe to deal great fire damage.

Feint: The user fools the foe and moves so fast and precise that they disappear for a moment. Then they strike their foe with a quick strike. Is especially effective against Protect, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, and Protect.


Close Combat:

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Posts : 61
Join date : 2012-11-22

PostSubject: Re: (NPC) Minami Oviedo   Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:45 pm

Nickname: Titania
Species: Aron
Gender: Female
Lv: 32 17600/19700
Type(s): Steel/Rock
Ability(s): Sturdy/Rock Head
Nature: Adamant

HP: 90
ATK: 79
DEF: 104
SATK: 41
SDEF: 46
SPD: 40

Dex: -


Tackle: A full body attack where the user charges at the foe and tackles them for moderate damage. Aron's tackle is strong enough to shatter boulders. (Not rock smash ones though)

Harden: Aron tightens its body, making the steel plating over its body impenetrable by almost all means.

Mud Slap: With a glowing paw, Aron slaps the ground to whip up a mud spray at the opponent that blinds them for 2 post. (DC 10, if hit again, DC 15, if once more DC 19 to hit Aron)

Headbutt: Aron uses its armored head to bash the opponent with a bone breaking headbutt.

Metal Claw: Aron will sharpen its entire body with augmented steel before slashing the opponent with powerful rending claws, capable of ripping clean through metal.

Iron Defense:


Take Down:

Iron Head:


Metal Sound:
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PostSubject: Re: (NPC) Minami Oviedo   

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(NPC) Minami Oviedo
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