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A free roam pokemon RP in 2 Regions, full of challenges, dangers, and fun. Your story is yours to write!
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Scales of Destiny

Scales of Destiny

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PostSubject: Carnage Scissors   Carnage Scissors Icon_minitimeThu Nov 22, 2012 12:21 pm

Quest: Carnage Scissors
Time: Permanent
From: Shinta (Dusk City)
Rank: B

What: Scyther have been prematurely evolving in the Asteroid Valley and the Scisor have been wreaking havoc. Shinta's not a fan of these big bugs and requests someone do something about them post haste.

Reward: 1 Hyper potion, 1 Dusk Stone, 1 Reaper Cloth, 1 Star Piece, 1450 PK, 1000 Exp.
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Carnage Scissors
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