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 Bio and Team Rubric

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PostSubject: Bio and Team Rubric   Bio and Team Rubric Icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2012 9:28 pm

This should be simple enough. All you're doing is giving a little back story on your character first and then posting your pokemon. Remember, all pokemon should be in SEPARATE POST from the bio.

Bio Rubric

Class: (You can not take classes until requirements have been met, so this should be at 'Trainer' when you first create it.)
Badges Earned:
Trainer Level: (Ranked E-S. All new trainers start at E)

Bio: (Give us a back story. Don't make it too short, but doesn't need to be massive either.)

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PostSubject: Re: Bio and Team Rubric   Bio and Team Rubric Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 11:27 am

Now the pokemon rubric. This should be fairly simple.

Nickname: (Not mandatory)
Species: (If you gave a nickname)
Gender: (If it has one)
Ability(s): (As your pokemon grows, it can take multiple abilities)
Nature: (This will determine certain stat boost and decreases in your pokemon. A list will be uploaded so you can see what does what.)

Dex: (Give a brief description of your pokemon and how it's different from others. You can take the normal pokedex entry and place it here if you want.)

(Place a Picture of your Pokemon here)


(Place the attacks your pokemon knows at the current level and give a description of what it does. Since this is like the real world, some attacks may have more effects than normally stated in the game.)

A complete example of how this should look is below.

Nickname: Ragnarok
Species: Scyther
Gender: Male
Lv: 49 (Exp: 93000/100000)
Type(s): Bug/Flying
Ability(s): Technician, Hyper Cutter
Nature: Adamant

Dex: Scyther are very intelligent, but tend to be quiet and reclusive in the wild. Scyther is also gifted with tremendous speed and is a strong flyer, but very rarely flies. This Scyther has been trained to be able to cut through even Diamond, it's blades being as sharp as adamantium.

Bio and Team Rubric B878c01b


Leer: Scyther glares at its foe, instilling a sense of primal fear to lower their defenses, making them less accurate with predicting, avoiding, and stopping attacks.

Quick Attack: Scyther moves at high speeds, faster than the normal eye can see to attack the opponent with great force and even interrupt their attacks.

Focus Energy: Scyther focuses its mind and spiritual energy to give itself keen eye sight and even greater precision. With this state, it can pick out the weak points of opponents to almost always ensure a deadly critical hit upon the foe.

Pursuit: Scyther's body and eyes become aglow with darkness. He is able to see the aura of the foe like this and can track their movements before they make them, always allowing him to get this powerful dark strike off first whenever the foe is about to make a move.

False Swipe: A feinted slash that allows the user to hit the foe so precisely that it will never be fatal and only leave them on the brink of consciousness.

Agility: Scyther focuses its energy about its body to make itself lighter, giving it insane speed and maneuverability.

Wing Attack: Scyther hardens its wings to the point that they're like its scythe arms and flies at the foe at insane speeds. The attack can cleave through stone.

Fury Cutter: Scyther oozes a type of bug cohesive over its blade that lowers the users resistance to the type of cohesive with each strike. Every strike will feel even more and more powerful to the foe, inducing extreme bouts of pain with each strike.

Slash: After hardening its scythe arms to the points of diamond, will cleave through almost anything with great force and speed, picking out weak spots of the opponent to insure maximum damage.

Razor Wind: Builds powerful gales around its body and then unleashes it as a non-elemental blast of air at the foe, able to dice trees to bits. The range of the attack is great and deals heavy critical damage to the foes weak spot.

Double Team: Scyther moves so fast that it creates after images of itself that sustain through sheer will power. They become able to move on their own and even attack, though they dispel once hit. All dispel if the real Scyther is hit.

X-Scissor: Scyther covers its blades in a powerful bug cohesive. If the foe survives the cleaving X strike that it delivers like an executioner, fear itself will slow them down.

Night Slash: Scyther covers its blades in dark aura and awaits the opponents move. When the opponents guard is down or when they are attacking Scyther will pick out their weak spot and strike with the power of darkness, dealing critical damage.

Double Hit: Scyther attacks the opponent so fast its as if it attacked more than once. With greater speed, can subsequently hit the foe again and again. (Every hit is effected by Technician)
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Bio and Team Rubric
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