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 Find the Idols

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Scales of Destiny

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PostSubject: Find the Idols   Find the Idols Icon_minitimeSun Dec 16, 2012 3:56 pm

Quest: Find the Idols
Time: Unlimited
From: Mewnicipal or Arceanism (Any leader of the religious faction in the Ecclasia Region can hand out this quest.)
Rank: A

What: The older generation say that there are idols that were created to symbolize Mew and Arceus respectively. Both sides of the religions want their idols back since they were lost so long ago. Scourer the region of Eccalia, find the temples that may house these idols, and deliver them to the respresenting side for a nice reward.

Reward: 3000 pk, 2 Full Restore
Exp Drop: 1500
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Find the Idols
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