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 A path of love and blood

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Snow Rozalyn

Snow Rozalyn

Posts : 65
Join date : 2012-11-30

PostSubject: A path of love and blood   Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:02 pm

Name: Snow Rozalyn
Age: 16
Class: Trainer
Badges Earned: 0
Trainer Level: D
Class: Air Adept

Snow was born in Stardust City but was moved to Luna Mountain Town when he was still pretty young. His parents started working in the Luna Mines and Snow was left to wander around in his spare time. he learned the ends and outs of the city and even played around with the wild pokemon, though it was extremely dangerous. However, there was an earthquake one day and his parents were killed inside of the Luna Mines. From then on out, Snow lived alone, doing whatever he could to get by in life outside of harming people and pokemon who didn't deserve. He learned the basics of military training and guerrilla warfare. When he turned 16, he received a letter from Prof. Jupiter explaining everything to him about the Pokedex and the Dark Descendants. It was told that his parents death wasn't an accident and had indeed been murder. With this news, Snow vows revenge on all of the Dark Descendants, knowing he will not spare a single one. He packs up and heads out, ready to do whatever it takes to avenge his parents deaths.


Money: 1500 PK

Pokeballs x7
Christmasball: x5 (Will give a random item when used.)

Antidote x1
Paralyze Heal x1
Burn Heal x1
Potion x8
Full Heal x6
Gingerbread Man: x2 (Cures any ailment and boost defense)
Hot Chocolate: x1 (Boosts the power of Fire and Water type moves. Gives resistance to Ice type moves.)
Candy Cane: x3 (Cures Sleep. Raises Atk/Satk.)

General Items
Repel x1
Mistletoe: x1 (Pokemon hold. Induces Infatuation upon contact.)

Protein x5
Zinc x5
Carbos x5
Iron x5
Calcium x5
HP Up x5
Rare Candy x2

Key Items

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Snow Rozalyn

Snow Rozalyn

Posts : 65
Join date : 2012-11-30

PostSubject: Re: A path of love and blood   Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:06 pm

Nickname: Media
Species: Medcham
Gender: Female
Lv: 37 40000/43000
Item: Lucky Egg
Type(s): Psychic/Fighting
Ability(s): Pure Power (Attack starts at x4 for 4 posts, and then returns to normal)
Nature: Naughty

HP: 102
ATK: 66
DEF: 71
SATK: 60
SDEF: 63
SPD: 75

Dex: TBA


Bide: The user endures attacks for two turns before unleashing all of the stored energy as a massive blast of power back onto the foe and any other caught in the blast.

Meditate: The user calms themselves and meditates for a quick second to raise their attack power.

Confusion: The user can unleash a peculiar wave of psychic energy in the form of a beam, pulse, orb, or ray to deal psychic damage to the foe with a chance of confusing them.

Detect: Meditite concentrates a psychic barrier around itself so that it can detect any attack as it happens, ensuring that it will always miss.

Hidden Power (Ghost Type): Meditite unleashes its inner power to deal devastating damage to any caught in its wrath.

Mind Reader: The user reads the opponents mind, ensuring that their next attack will hit.

Feint: The user attacks with a feint, even able to hit through detect and protect.

Calm Mind: The user quietly focuses its mind and calms its spirit to raise its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats.

Force Palm: Attacks the foe with a shockwave of aura from the hands, capable of paralyzing them.

Psych Up: Copies the stat changes of another pokemon.

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Snow Rozalyn

Snow Rozalyn

Posts : 65
Join date : 2012-11-30

PostSubject: Re: A path of love and blood   Wed Dec 26, 2012 3:10 pm

Nickname: Dai-Gurren
Species: Drilbur
Gender: Female
Lv: 20 9200/9260
Item: Oran Berry
Type(s): Ground
Ability(s): Sandrush (Doubles speed in sandstorm)
Nature: Adamant

HP: 55
ATK: 45
DEF: 24
SATK: 18
SDEF: 26
SPD: 35

Dex: TBA


Mud Sport: Coats the field in mud and weakens the power of electric type moves.

Scratch: A quick rake of the claws for little damage.

Rapid Spin: The user spins swiftly to strike the foe. Can clear whirlpool, fire spin, wrap, etc.

Mud-Slap: A weak attack where the user slings mud at the foe. Decreases the foe's accuracy.

Fury Swipes: A flurry of rakes with claws that deals stacking damage.

Metal Claw: The user focuses their steel energy before attacking to rend the opponent with their claws. Can lower the foe's defense.

Dig: The user dives underground and moves around before leaping up and attacking the foe with the power of earth.
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PostSubject: Re: A path of love and blood   

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A path of love and blood
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