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 Cormag's Way

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Cormag Drakon

Cormag Drakon

Posts : 39
Join date : 2012-11-30

PostSubject: Cormag's Way   Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:08 pm

Bio Rubric

Name: Cormag Drakon
Age: 15
Town: Sunset
Badges Earned: 0
Trainer Level: E

Bio: Cormag has very few role models in his life, one his father, two his mother. And the best of them all the Dark Descendents. They fought for a evil purpose but because they have reason too. That pride, Devotion, and power had attracted him to there ideals. So now that he got his Pokedexs he has decided to try and join them. Or better yet start his own empire, when he crushes them. He had trained and met up with a Meowth that shares his same path. And before he left his town, he wanted a traveling friend, so he taught it to speak. Surprisingly it learned quickly by itself, and now they were ready to hit the road and on there path of conquest.

Item Bag

Money: 500 PK

Pokeballs x5
Christmasball: x5 (Will give a random item when used.)


Antidote x1
Paralyze Heal x1
Burn Heal x1
Potion x1
Gingerbread Man: x2 (Cures any ailment and boost defense)
Hot Chocolate: x1 (Boosts the power of Fire and Water type moves. Gives resistance to Ice type moves.)
Candy Cane: x3 (Cures Sleep. Raises Atk/Satk.)

General Items
Mistletoe: x1 (Pokemon hold. Induces Infatuation upon contact.)

Key Items

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Cormag Drakon

Cormag Drakon

Posts : 39
Join date : 2012-11-30

PostSubject: Re: Cormag's Way   Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:33 pm

Nickname: Volke
Species: Neko xD
Gender: Male
Lv:9 425/510
Type(s): Normal
Ability(s): Technician
Nature: Jolly

HP: 28
ATK: 15
DEF: 14
SATK: 12
SDEF: 14
SPD: 25

Dex: Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokémon. Meowth loves to roam at night to gather coins and other objects that sparkle, but it spend most of the daylight hours sleeping. It's also considered a Lucky Pokemon.


Growl- Reduces the Attack power of any Pokemon that hears this cry.

Scratch- A attack that aims for the eyes, if it hits around that area. It reduces the inflicted Pokemon Accuracy. Other then that, it will make a pokemon bleed!!!

Bite- You know how this goes. He opens his mouth and bites you!

Fake Out- A move that usually goes first, if it hits. It causes the pokemon to flinch and lose it's chance to attack or dodge next round. Etc.

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Cormag Drakon

Cormag Drakon

Posts : 39
Join date : 2012-11-30

PostSubject: Re: Cormag's Way   Tue May 28, 2013 11:13 pm

Nickname: Hawkes
Species: Bird
Gender: Female
Type(s): Flying/Normal
Ability(s): Mach Speed
Nature: Mild

HP: 28



Spec Atk:15

Spec Def:14



1 Tackle - Normal
5 Sand-Attack - Ground- Blinds the pokemon, lowering there chance to hit.
9 Gust- Shoots out a gust of wind to push the opponent back and hit them into something like a tree, or just the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Cormag's Way   

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Cormag's Way
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