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 From Dusk to Route 3

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PostSubject: From Dusk to Route 3   Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:56 am

Down the path a figure was walking into Route 3 from Dusk City. It was Matchi, her fresh new Pokemon by her side. The Shinx next to her walked quietly, observing his surroundings. Though many Pokemon preferred to be free from their Pokeball, for her Pokemon it did not seem to matter. He had no particular preference between the two. Instead he was mildly focusing on his trainer, the green haired trainer he was fated with. Like many Pokemon he was both intrigued to learn more about her as much as she was hoping to learn more about him. Every Pokemon was different in terms of likes and dislikes, personality, etc and her Shinx was no exception. Matchi glanced over to her Pokemon a little unnervingly, unsure how to approach him.


she muttered his pet name for him. Short for Tsubaki. It wasn't truely his name. It was the name of her childhood friend whom she missed dearly. She figured this was the best way to connect. As much as she did not wish to admit, she missed home.

"I hope we'll find a Pokemon soon."


The Pokemon looked at her absently before replying. What an awkward pair.

By now they found a forest area closing in on their path by now, tall trees overhead. Matchi looked at them carefully, examining them and making sure no surprise attacks would come.
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PostSubject: Re: From Dusk to Route 3   Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:56 pm

Betraying the horrible place that was Dusk City, the atmosphere of Route 3 would be the complete opposite. It was a bright and tranquil path. All up and down the road, Matchi would see other pokemon trainers playing with their pokemon, battling wild pokemon, and some even napping along the road after traversing the winding Twilight Forest. The route was very short, but pretty crowded.

For the most part, no trainers took note of Matchi, mainly because they avoided looking in the general direction of Dusk City all together. However, the two or three that glanced at her could sense how fresh of a trainer she truly was and didn't bother with asking for a battle. They weren't giving her the cold shoulder, just making room for her to get some experience with wild pokemon first.

Sure enough, her first encounter would seem to come in to view midway through the route. Two pokemon, both wild, seemed to be preparing to fight among themselves, the prize being an Oran Berry that had been dropped by a careless trainer.

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From Dusk to Route 3
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