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 Time waits for Nobody!

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Aliyah Rozalyn

Aliyah Rozalyn

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PostSubject: Time waits for Nobody!   Time waits for Nobody! Icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 8:41 pm

Name: Aliyah Rozalyn
Age: 13
Class: Trainer
Badges: 0
Rank: E

Aliyah is the daughter of Snow Rozalyn and another unknown person of this time. She is from the future, sent back in time by Celebi and Dialga, to warn her parents of an event that will change all of their lives forever. However, during the transfer, Aliyah lost some of her memories, forgetting what it was that she was sent back in time to do. She arrived in Sunrise Town three years ago, and has been living their ever since, being trained by the EPIC LEGENDARY FISHERMAN.

After her 13th birthday, she decided it best to travel the rest of the region in hopes of finding out what it was she was sent back in time to do. Until she regains her memories, she simply goes about her days as a normal pokemon trainer.

Item Bag

Money: $500 PK


Pokeballs x5
Christmasball: x5 (Will give a random item when used.)

Antidote x1
Paralyze Heal x1
Burn Heal x1
Potion x1
Gingerbread Man: x2 (Cures any ailment and boost defense)
Hot Chocolate: x1 (Boosts the power of Fire and Water type moves. Gives resistance to Ice type moves.)
Candy Cane: x3 (Cures Sleep. Raises Atk/Satk.)

General Items
Mistletoe: x1 (Pokemon hold. Induces Infatuation upon contact.)

Key Items
Old Rod (Rare Catch 19-20, Nothing 1-13)
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Time waits for Nobody!
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