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Gintama Simonova

Gintama Simonova

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PostSubject: Weaponry   Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:52 am

(More to come later, others can add more if they want. I'll approve all later but all current weapons are usable.)


Classes-Wood, Rubber, Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Diamond, Orichalcum, Adamantium, Aggronian.

Types- Fist, Pole, Throwing, Bow, Blade, Blunt, Chain, Dagger, Gun


Durability-The number that indicates how long a piece of equipment will last after each use. When the equipment reaches 1, it will need to be repaired or it will break and be unrepairable unless certain items and conditions are met.

Sunder/Disarm-The weapon has the ability to disarm the foe.

True Sunder-The weapon ignores the opponents defenses and strikes for full damage.

Precise Block- The weapon halts an opponents melee attack and reduces all damage.

Unnatural Block- The weapon halts an opponents special attack and reduces all damage.

Cross Counter-The user can counter the opponent with a sure hit attack if the Precise Block succeeds.

Magic Counter-The user can send the special attack back at the foe if Unnatural Block succeeds.

Quick Draw-The weapon can strike faster than the opponent when quick drawn, but cannot be sheathed and performed again. (1 time quick attack)

Blurred Strike-The weapon can strike faster than the opponent at every given opportunity, however, each consecutive use lowers the accuracy of each hit by 2.

Double Strike-The weapon can deal an extra attack under certain circumstances.

Triple Strike- The weapon can deal two extra attacks under certain circumstances.

True Strike- The weapon can deal fatal damage, leaving the foe with only 1 hp.

Power Strike- The weapon will deal critical damage and leave the opponent paralyzed.

Swift Arms- The weapon deals damage two times.

Continuous Rampage- The weapon deals constant damage as long as the user continues to hit the opponents AC.

Quick Dodge- The user is able to perform a last second dodge to avoid all damage.

Crush- The weapon can shatter stone and paralyze the opponent. Works as 'Rock Smash' as well.

Dynamic Crush- The weapon can shatter stone and paralyze the opponent as well as deal critical damage. Works as 'Rock Smash' as well.

Rubber Lined- The weapon can absorb electricity.

Electric Amp- The weapon can absorb and use electricity.

Lightning Rod- The weapon draws and gives the user resistance to electricity.

Heatproof- The weapon can absorb fire.

Lighter- The weapon can absorb and user fire.

Endothermic- The weapon draws and gives the user resistance to fire.

Elemental Degradation- The weapon is immune to all elements.

Malleable- The weapon can be formed into any weapon of it's class.

Reaching Strike- The weapon can attack the opponent from a distance.

Binder- The weapon can bind the opponent.

Distant Grab- The weapon is able to grab items or things from a distance. Also able to draw the opponent closer or throw them.

Bleed- The weapon will induce bleed on the foe.

Poison Tip- The weapon will poison the foe on contact.

Crippling Blow- The weapon will paralyze the foe on contact.

Freezing Point- The weapon will freeze the foe on contact.

Exothermic- The weapon will burn the foe on contact.

Cursed- The weapon will put the foe asleep on contact.

Double Edged- The weapon always deals critical damage, however the user takes half of the damage as well.

Reaper Weapon- The weapon will either deal no damage or automatically faint/kill the foe. Users choice.

Weapon List


Wooden Knuckles: Wood; Fist; Double Strike 19, Quick Dodge 18, Durability 10

Wooden Gauntlets: Wood; Fist; Sunder/Disarm 20, Precise Block 18, Durability 10

Wood Staff: Wood; Pole; Reaching Strike, Blurred Strike 17, Precise Block 18, Durability 10

Carved Shuriken: Wood; Throwing; Swift Arms, Quick Dodge 19, Durability 10

Oak Bow/Arrows: Wood; Bow; Reaching Strike, Double Strike 18, Bleed 20, Durability 10

Bokken: Wood; Blade; Sunder/Disarm 18, Precise Block 18, Crippling Blow 20, Durability 10

Bludgeon: Wood; Blunt; Sunder/Disarm 17, Precise Block 18, Crippling Blow 19, Durability 10

Oak Bat: Wood, Blunt; Sunder/Disarm 18, Precise Block 17, Crippling Blow 18, Durability 10

False Kunai: Wood; Dagger; Reaching Strike, Blurred Strike 16, Double Strike 17, Sunder/Disarm 20, Durability 10

Bo Staff: Wood; Legendary Pole; Reaching Strike, Elemental Degradation, Sunder/Disarm 18, Unnatural Block 15, Magic Counter 17, Blurred Strike 15, Precise Block 14, Power Strike 16, Durability 25


Police Tonfas: Rubber; Fist; Rubber Lined, Precise Block 16, Cross Counter 20, Quick Dodge 17, Crippling Blow 20, Durability 15

Blitz Ball: Rubber; Throwing; Electric Amp, Reaching Strike, Power Strike 18, Durability 15

Wiffle Bat: Rubber; Blunt; Rubber Lined, Power Strike 19, Durability 15

Whip: Rubber; Chain; Rubber Lined, Reaching Strike, Quick Dodge 17, Binder 17, Distant Grab 18, Durability 15

Pistol w/Rubber Bullets: Rubber; Gun; Reaching Strike, Lightning Rod, Swift Arms, Triple Strike 19, Sunder/Disarm 18, Durability 15

Vampire Killer: Rubber; Legendary Chain; Reaching Strike, Electric Amp, Lighter, Elemental Degradation, Swift Arms, Triple Strike 17, Sunder/Disarm 18, Unnatural Block 17, Magic Counter 18, Quick Dodge 16, Binder 15, Distant Grab 15, Durability 30


Brass Knuckles: Iron; Fist; Double Strike 18, Precise Block 18, Cross Counter 18, Quick Dodge 17, Durability 20

Defender Gauntlets: Iron; Fist; Sunder/Disarm 18, Precise Block 17, Crippling Blow 19, Strength Mod +2, Durability 20

Iron Rod: Iron; Pole; Reaching Strike, Lightning Rod, Sunder/Disarm 17, Precise Block 15, Power Strike 17, Durability 20

Skull Spear: Iron; Pole; Reaching Strike, Precise Block 16, Bleed 17, Poison Tip 17, Durability 20

Iron Scythe: Iron; Pole; Reaching Strike, Precise Block 18, Bleed 16, True Strike 19, Durability 20

War Hammer: Iron; Pole; Reaching Strike, Lightning Rod, Precise Block 18, Unnatural Block 18, Dynamic Crush 18, Durability 20

Heavy Shuriken: Iron; Throwing; Reaching Strike, Swift Arms, True Sunder 19, Triple Strike 18, Quick Dodge 16, Bleed 17, Durability 20

Fuuma Shuriken: Iron; Throwing; Reaching Strike, Continuous Rampage 17, Bleed 17, Durability 20

Bow/Iron Arrows: Iron; Bow; Reaching Strike, Swift Arms, Sunder/Disarm 18, Crippling Blow 17, Durability 20

Kodachi: Iron; Blade; Quick Draw, Swift Arms, Precise Block 19, Double Strike 17, Bleed 17, Quick Dodge 18, Durability 20

Katana: Iron; Blade; Quick Draw, Precise Block 13, Double Strike 18, Bleed 17, Durability 20

Long Sword: Iron; Blade; Rubber Lined, Precise Block 16, Double Strike 17, Bleed 16, Durability 20

Iron Pipe: Iron; Blunt; Lightning Rod, Sunder/Disarm 15, Precise Block 17, Crippling Blow 16, Durability 20

Nine-Iron: Iron; Blunt;


Imprinted Knuckles: Steel; Fist;

Cestus: Steel; Fist;

Silver Gauntlets: Steel; Fist;

Crushing Grip: Steel; Fist;

Guard Staff: Steel; Pole;

Wing Staff: Steel; Pole;

Naginata: Steel; Pole;

Chilling Trident: Steel; Pole;

Snake Fangs: Steel; Pole; (Scythe)

Ballistic: Steel; Pole; (Hammer)

Coated Shuriken: Steel; Throwing;

Chakrams: Steel; Throwing;

Gilded Bow/Steel Arrows: Steel; Bow;

Black Thorn: Steel; Bow; (cross bow)

Ninjato: Steel; Blade;

Muramasa: Steel; Blade; (katana)

Zweihander: Steel; Blade; (Buster blade)

Crosshand: Steel; Blunt; (Special weapon, Elemental Degradation and Magic Counter)

Morning Star: Steel; Legendary Chain;

Sleek Kunai: Steel; Dagger;

Butterfly Daggers: Steel; Dagger;

Blacktail: Steel; Gun;

Uzi: Steel; Gun;

Stainless Steel:

Hiraishin: Stainless Steel; Dagger; (Kunai)

Butterfly Edge: Stainless Steel; Dagger;

Riot Gun: Stainless Steel; Gun;

Broken Butterfly: Stainless Steel; Gun;

MP9: Stainless Steel; Gun;

RPG: Stainless Steel; Gun;
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