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 Ailements, Accuracy, and Evasion

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PostSubject: Ailements, Accuracy, and Evasion   Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:57 pm


Burn: ATK is down and the user will take constant damage every time they post. There is a 50/50 chance of a 1-hit ko if hit with another fire type move.

Paralyze: SPD is down and the user must roll to make moves. On 1d20, the user most roll a DC 14 to act normally.

Frozen: The pokemon is completely frozen and unable to do anything. They can be defrosted if hit by a fire attack, or on a roll of DC 14 on 1d20. Fire type pokemon only need to roll a DC 10 on 1d20. There is a 50/50 chance of a 1-hit ko if hit with another ice type move. Frozen lasts 5 turns if not cured sooner.

Poison: The user takes damage every time they post. Will become badly poisoned if hit with another poison type attack.

Badly Poisoned: The user takes continuously growing damage every time they post. If not treated swiftly, and the pokemon faints, there is a chance the pokemon or person can die.

Sleep: The user falls into a deep psychic slumber and is incapable of doing anything unless otherwise stated. (Snore, Sleep Talk, etc.) On 1d20, a DC 20 will wake them up on the first turn. Then a DC 17 on the next turn, and DC 15 on the third turn. A DC 13 is required for every turn after. Sleep lasts for 5 turns if not cured sooner.

Confused: The user must roll before any actions are called. (Can ask the current Admin/Mod to roll for you.) On 1d20, a DC 1-11 results in hurting yourself in confusion. A DC 12-17 will let you act normally. A DC 18-20 will cure you of confusion. Confusion lasts 5 turns if not cured sooner.


Accuracy will work under a respect system during natural rp'ing. However when there are checks involved, accuracy/evasion has a set amount.

Accuracy/Evasion Down List
Lowered: -2 on checks
Harshly Lowered: -4 on checks
Sharply Lowered: -6 on checks.

Accuracy/Evasion Up List
Risen: +2 on checks
Greatly Risen: +4 on checks
Sharply Risen: +8 on checks

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Ailements, Accuracy, and Evasion
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