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 Venize: Swimming Into Adventure

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PostSubject: Venize: Swimming Into Adventure   Venize: Swimming Into Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2012 3:40 pm

Name: Venize "Hawk" Le Torneau.
Age: 17
Hometown: Blue Hollow Village (Current)/Crescent Town (Former)
Class: Trainer
Badges: 0
Trainer Rank: E

Venize Le Torneau, born in the small village of Crescent Town, was raised by her uncle and auntie due to an unfortunate death among her mother and father overseas. At age five, Venize crave an interest for the ocean life from the stories that her uncle had told her during his sailor years. The breezing winds of the sea and the passionate waves of the clear blue waters deeply entice her to take up swimming classes. At age eight, her participation in many water sports and daily training earn her the nickname "Hawk" for her agile speed, yet graceful and fluent formation. By the time she was twelve years old, Venize was already recognized by many of the citizens within Crescent Town as one of the best swimmers. Unfortunately, the good doesn't always tend to everyone. When the national championships was just about to begin in Crescent Town, her auntie fell under an illness that had no cure whatsoever even with the best technology. This greatly cringe Venize into forfeiting the competition for the sake of her aunt.

The wish that her aunt told is to move back to her hometown, Blue Hollow Village. She put her passionate hobby on hold to respect it and the small family move to the region of Ecclasia. Three years later, Venize and her uncle continue to tend for their dying family member until it was over.

"...Never stop enjoying what you love the most....Mine was being a Pokemon Trainer when I was young...."

Those words stuck into Venize's conscious forever as she watch her aunt pass onto the afterlife. Tears of agony and sorrow burden upon the former swimmer as she cried onto her bed. The thought of losing her caring family member was just too much to bear. Several days later, she spoke to her uncle about becoming a Pokemon Trainer to continue the tradition for her aunt. The uncle respected her decision, but told her to wait until she was done grieving. Two years later, Venize is now seventeen years old. The long trail of grieving is over and she is ready to travel around the world to journey Ecclasia and discover the tales of a Pokemon Trainer just like her aunt.

Item Bag

Money: 500 PK

Pokeballs x5
Christmasball: x5 (Will give a random item when used.)

Antidote x1
Paralyze Heal x1
Burn Heal x1
Potion x1
Gingerbread Man: x2 (Cures any ailment and boost defense)
Hot Chocolate: x1 (Boosts the power of Fire and Water type moves. Gives resistance to Ice type moves.)
Candy Cane: x3 (Cures Sleep. Raises Atk/Satk.)

General Items
Mistletoe: x1 (Pokemon hold. Induces Infatuation upon contact.)
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Venize: Swimming Into Adventure
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