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A free roam pokemon RP in 2 Regions, full of challenges, dangers, and fun. Your story is yours to write!
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 Seasonal Days

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PostSubject: Seasonal Days   Seasonal Days Icon_minitimeSun Dec 16, 2012 4:02 pm

Seasonal Days:
Rank: D
Time: Permanent
Location:Red/Blue Hollow Town
Request: Prof. Indigo or Prof. Scarlet

What: Route 1 is known for its rocky structure and fluxing temperatures. Around each side among the route represents a seasonal structure for the trainers to test their limits. Prof. Indigo and Prof. Scarlet request challengers to take on these four trainers based around the season enviroment and get their emblem marks for confirmation. This will provide them some information that will help out their research.

Reward: 1000 PK, 600 Exp, Two Potions.
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Seasonal Days
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