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 How to Capture Pokemon

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PostSubject: How to Capture Pokemon   How to Capture Pokemon Icon_minitimeSat Nov 17, 2012 11:20 pm

So you've got everything set up. You're on your journey, meeting new people and now you decide to step into the itchy grass to try your hand at catching some pokemon. Well, here's what you need to know.

Catching pokemon is pretty simple. You battle them to weaken them and then you throw a pokeball. To see if you have caught said pokemon, you will make a Capture Roll.

A capture roll will be done with a d100 dice. You can use the dice roller at the bottom of each post or you can use the random number generator.

The random number generator code is [rand] The number of sides on the dice you are rolling [/rand ]. Remember to close the brackets. An example is below for a d100 roll.

Random number (1,100) :

Now the rolls you want will depend on the type of pokeball you are using and the amount of damage done to the pokemon you are trying to catch. If a pokemon is at 100 percent health, then you will need to roll a 100 on a d100 to capture it. The more damage you do to the pokemon, the less you will be able to roll to capture it. So a pokemon that may be tired and seeming as if it cannot go on much longer may only need a 50 or less to catch.

Now pokeballs provide a boost in catching pokemon depending on the type you are using. The types of pokeballs available in Elestia are as follows.

Pokeball- Does not effect your capture roll.

Greatball- Gives a +5 to your capture roll.

Ultraball- Gives a +15 to your capture roll.

Masterball- Instantly catches any pokemon, no matter what.

Quickball- Gives a +15 to your capture roll when used when you first encounter a pokemon.

Netball- Gives a +10 to your capture roll for bug and water pokemon.

Duskball- Gives a +10 to your capture roll for dark and ghost pokemon.

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How to Capture Pokemon
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